60kw Integrated off grid Inverter with solar charge controller all in one

60kw Integrated off grid Inverter with solar charge controller all in one

Model No.︰SPIC-60KW

Brand Name︰SANDI

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 12000 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

60kw Integrated off grid solar Inverter with built-in charge

controller all in one 


SANDI SPIC series Off Grid Inverter Integrated with controller is the one of the most advanced technology DC to AC conversion products in the world, it’s suitable use for areas without electricity, providing a complete power solution for strict demand applications. With SVPWM technology it has high conversion efficiency, high instantaneous power and low losses power output pure sine wave, applying to capacitive, inductive and nonlinear mixed-load, with superior load capacity, perfect protection function: overload, short circuit, low/over battery voltage, improper operation etc, which won’t cause mechanical failures. This Inverter is very suitable for solar power systems, wind power generation systems, wind and solar hybrid generation systems. The inverter can supply AC power to all kinds of electric equipment, air conditioners, electric motors, refrigerators, fluorescent lights, televisions, electric fans and other industrial power supply.

Technical Features:

²  The core components are all imported, adopting the sixth generation IPM module from Mitsubishi, which has stable performance, long service life, strong protection functions and convenient replacement and maintenance.

²  Adopt the central processor DSP28335 chip from American TI Company, respond quickly and accurately, and provide stable and clean power for the load to provide protection.

²  The whole machine adopts modular design and plug-in design, which is convenient for maintenance and reduces the hidden cost of machine failure to repair.

²  According to the product configuration conditions, adjustment the system usage mode: DC(Battery/Solar) priority or AC mains bypass priority can be set.

²  Two kinds of start mode: Reduction Voltage Start and Variable Frequency Start. Customers can set start mode according to the type of their load. This function is very convenient for users and also reduce frequency converter’s usage, which reduced the cost of equipment investment, easy to connect wires and control.

²  The output voltage can be set between -40 % to +20 % of rated voltage. And the output voltage is very accuracy ±1%.

²  The DC input voltage range can be set. Over-voltage point, under-voltage point, over-voltage recovery point, under-voltage recovery point all can be setting via the LCD panel.

²  Output AC Power is suitable for all types of electrical equipment, CNC machines, electric tools, motors, pump and air conditioner etc. It has higher efficiency and higher capability of driving load.

²  Humanized safety design, using isolation transformer design, input and output are completely electrically isolated, input and output are equipped with circuit breakers, which saving costs for the user and easy to installation, the electric parts are completely closed to prevent electric shock.

²  Wide input voltage can be set according to customer’s requirement. Input voltage range can be selected from 100-300V, 200-500V or 500-850V, suitable for solar/wind system without backup batteries, it can save many cost and maximization use the solar/wind energy.

²  Using SVPWM space vector algorithms, high conversion efficiency, high instantaneous power and low losses conversion efficiency up to 94%.

²  Powerful data display function. LCD + LED display, can display input and output voltage, current, KWH, fault display, convenient for customers to quickly find faults and guide maintenance.

²  The solar controller uses high performance 32-bit chips which is excellent EMC design

²  The controller adopts advanced PID algorithm which has more accurate battery energy management system to improve the battery efficiency 45% at least

²  The controller adopts three charging stages (buck charging, equalize charging and float charging) which can maximize the utilization of photovoltaic modules and batteries

²  IGBT Modular design ensure stable and efficiency performance of solar controller and solar power system

²  The controller has perfect battery protection function and with multi-stage charging technology to improve battery life 35% at least

²  The controller has double loop control function of voltage loop and current loop, user can set the limiting charging current

²  Fully enclosed duct design and high-speed fan for cooling makes the controller working under harsh environments

²  The controller has power generation statistics and real-time power curve function, so we can know power generating information at any time

²  Colorful LCD display, touching key and multi-language option makes the HMC (Human Machine communication) easy and convenient. Users also can set working parameters through the LCD panel and touching keys according to different battery feature

²  The controller also has temperature compensation function and RTC real time clock function,

²  Standard Modbus protocol for RS-485 or GPRS communication to extend the communication distance (optional function)

²  The patent of second protection function which can protect battery from over charging due to power switch failure (optional function)

²  European CE (EMC, LVD, UL1741) and ISO9001 certificates.


Technical Parameters



Isolation mode

Low Frequency Transformer

Battery Input

Rated voltage (Vdc)


Rated current (A)


Input voltage range (Vdc)


Solar Controller Input

Maximum. Input voltage of solar array(Vdc)


Maximum power of solar array


Maximum charge current(A)


AC Bypass Input

Input rated voltage (Vac)

415VAC three phase

Bypass mode

DC/Battery priority (AC bypass priority can set)

AC Output

Rated power (Kw)


Rated voltage


Number of phases

3 phase 4 wire

Rated current (A)


Output frequency

50Hz ±0.05 (Can be set 60Hz)


Pure sine wave

Waveform distortion rate (THD)

Linear load≤2%

Dynamic Response time

(Load 0←→100%)

5%, ≤50ms

Power Factor (PF)


Inverter Efficiency


Electrical insulation properties

2000Vac,1 Minute

Protection Function

Overload Ability



Input reverse polarity, under voltage, overvoltage, output over-current, short circuit, overheating etc.



Communication interface (optional)

RS485 (A,B)

Method of working

Working continuously

Cooling method


Short-circuit protection

No automatic recovery, need to restart the machine

Working Environment & Mechanical dimension

Degree of protection

IP20 (indoor)

Working Altitude(m)


Working temperature ()


Relative humidity (℃)

0~90%, No condensation

Noise (1 meter)


Unit size: (W x D x H)


Reference weight (Kg)


Our company can adjust parameter configuration according to users requirement.

Our company can adjust parameter configuration according to users requirement.

100khw PV energy storage lithium battery system with BMS system off grid inverter all in one


Price Terms︰ FOB Ningbo

Payment Terms︰ TT

Lead Time︰ 10 days

Standards Certificate︰ ISO9001, CE

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