1500V DC Solar system PV Fuse and Solar Fuse Holder

1500V DC Solar system PV Fuse and Solar Fuse Holder

Model No.︰PVF-1500V

Brand Name︰SANDI

Country of Origin︰China

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1500V DC Solar system PV Fuse and Solar Fuse Holder

Our special PV Fuses enable you to protect various aspects of your PV power generation. This can be a string inverters, central inverters or even the modules directly to protect your circuits in combiner boxes. Use of these fuses range from free-standing solar farms, which have high ambient temperatures requirements, to residential installations, where compact size is important.

Our specially developed fuses for photovoltaic systems trip reliably and in the case of minor over currents do not trip prematurely. We have a broad range of products suited for DC voltages as high as 1500 V. This covers almost all of the requirements for PV based power generation.

These Photovoltaic fuses come in small packages while maintaining the necessary critical high voltage rating.

1.A range of 10x38mm fuse links specifically designed for protecting photovoltaic strings. These fuse links are capable of interrupting low overcurrents associated with faulted photovoltaic string arrays (reverse current, multi-array fault). 
2.DC Fuse mainly used in DC combiner box in solar PV systems. When PV panel or imverter caused overload or short circuit, it trip off immediately, to protect PV panels, DC fuse aslo used to protect other electrical parts in DC circuit, when overload or short circuit.  

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