Advanced solar charge controller with 192/240/360V/480V/600V

Advanced solar charge controller with 192/240/360V/480V/600V

Model No.︰SDC240V-100A

Brand Name︰SANDI

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 650 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Advanced solar charge controller with



The solar charge controller is the intelligent devicewith integration of controlling . It has good running performance with LCD display and convenient operation. Also have multi protection functions such as over-charge, over-discharge protection, and pole-confusion protection for storage battery. The controller is adopted PWM charging mode. It has day and night two type working mode with high reliable and safe operation, high efficiency, long service life functions.


Technical Features:

  1. The 120a solar charge controller adopts industrial-grade chips to ensure the stable feature of controller
  2. Excellent EMC design
  3. High efficient PWM charging technology which has three charging stages (buck charging stage, equalize charging stage and float charging stage), and improves battery storage efficiency and charging efficiency.
  4. Advanced battery activation technology which increases battery lifetime 30% at least and improves the system performance
  5. The 120a solar charge controller adopts imported IGBT power module or MOSFET as electronic switch which can improve the stable performance of controller. There aren’t any mechanical switches in the system
  6. LCD will display the system status and working parameters
  7. Parameters setting flexibly
  8. Users can parallel connect lots of the controller is a system
  9. Fully enclosed duct design and high speed fan for cooling making the controller working in a variety of harsh environments
  10. DC output function (Optional)
  11. Standard Modbus protocol for RS-485 communication to extend the communication distance (Optional)
  12. The 120a solar charge controller will alarm when the system status is abnormal
  13. New SOC method displays battery power accurately
  14. With power generation statistics function to facilitate the view of power generation of daily, month and total
  15. There is temperature compensation function which will compensate the temperature according to different battery type
  16. The 120a solar charge controller adopts graphical dot-matrix LCD and 4 buttons as HMI for full menu and easy operation
  17. RTC time function
  18. Wall mounting type is easy for installation


Technical parameters


System Information



Max. power of solar panel


Rated charging current


Rated battery voltage


Max VOC voltage of solar array


Electrical Performance Information

PWM charging model

Fast charge, equalizing charge, floating charging

Equalization charging voltage

288V (Adjustable)

Float charging voltage

276V (Adjustable)

Stop charging voltage


Recovery charging voltage


Standby consumption in night


Working temperature range



0%98%, NC


RS485 (Optional)


Connection terminal type

TC Series Barrier Terminal





Protection class

IP20 (Indoor)



Mounting way

Wall mounting


420*345*155mm (Refer to the actual size)


12KG (Refer to the actual weight)



Price Terms︰ EXW

Payment Terms︰ TT

Lead Time︰ 3-4 days

Standards Certificate︰ CE, ISO9001

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